Friday, September 28, 2012

An explanation of Boudreaux, Butt Paste, and Tiny Cars

For a short time viewers who get this blog delivered via feed or email might have seen a strange blog post about Boudreaux and a Matchbox car, only to disappear.

You did not imagine it. Allow me to explain.

In addition to Nickadizzy, I also write where I post a picture of a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car each week and loosely connect it to a story about my family or life.

Today I inadvertently posted the Tiny Cars blog on the Nickadizzy vintage site but realized my error and switched it to its real home.

Sorry for any confusion, but since I'm here I invite you, if interested, to follow the adventures of me, Racer A, Racer Z, and Baby G over at!


- Dale aka Nickadizzy

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