Saturday, September 15, 2012

1954: Coats & Clark's Afghans and matching pillows

The above picture is actually the back cover of the 1954 Coats & Clark's Afghans and matching pillows, which gave a better shot of the mid century cane furniture used as staging for the afghan pattern (which, believe it or not, is called Pineapple.)

While the afghan designs in this how-to pattern book are fun, I've posted the color plates from the booklet here for the incidental mid century furnishings, graphics and models featured in the pages. I'll begin with the two-page below from the middle of the book, which I split into two photos.


Smoking a pipe, reading a book, and lounging in your smoking jacket under the Checkmate afghan pattern. That's the life.

Here are some more pics, including the below Lollipop pattern,

Candy Cane pattern

Maltese Cross pattern (check out the couch and lamp)

Patchwork pattern

Jacob's Ladder pattern, with the coolest mid century modern divan/reclining bed, 

and a pattern called Lagoon, with that ever popular aqua and pink mid century color combo seen in the pottery on the table.

If you want to see the front cover and a few more patterns, additional pictures are on my shop, where the original book, along with some other 1950s afghan designs, is for sale.

I love the above table lamp, and it looks even better in blue ink mid century graphics.

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