Monday, September 3, 2012

Druggists Circular, October 1880

My father found an issue of pharmaceutical trade journal The Druggists Circular, from October, 1880, a wealth of ads and information on antique pharmaceuticals and supplies such as bottles and medicine dispensing products.

I've uploaded a .pdf on Scribd, a document archive site, and while I didn't scan everything, I got most of it.

Some of the ads from 1880 include:

Crosby's Vaporising Inhaler, Hall's Health Syringe, Galvano Faradic Mfg, Swaim's Panacea, Robertson's wart cure,Geo H. Kitchen Illuminated Mortar, Henry Troemner scales, A.G. Smalley shelf bottles, Delano's Atomizer, France's Improved Nursers, Improved Fountain Syringe,Packer's Tar Soap, Young, Ladd & Cofin, Whital, Tatum & Co., Page's Vaporizer, Miles Brothers brushes, Delluc's Tooth Wash, Freckle Lotion, Cubeb Cigarettes, Wild Cherry Pectoral Wine, Pleasant Worm Syrup, Chinkalyptus, Limousin's Cacheteurs, Fougera's cod liver oil, Dr. Jerome Kidder Electro Medical Apparatus, and other items, including a news item on the Persian opium trade and supply in 1880 (see below).

To view or download a .pdf of this paper, go to: 

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