Monday, September 10, 2012

1952: Fashions in Wool, Volume 74

I found this how-to book from 1952, Volume 74 of Fashions in Wool by Hilde Fuchs, among items acquired for my vintage shop. The pages are falling out, and there are tears, wrinkles, water spots -- the book is basically unsellable.

But Hilde's fashions, and the style of the models -- they needed to be salvaged.

So here they are, or at least some of them:

The book provides instructions for hand knitting these and others items, sizes 38-46 (or at least what size 38-46 meant in 1952).

I scanned and uploaded the book as a .pdf on Scribd, so you can now download the book for free. Go to:

If you do find yourself knitting a ladies Hug Me Tight from the download, though, kindly remember me at Nickadizzy!

Also, if you would like the original in its decrepit, falling-apart form, email me at
Nickadizzy (at) gmail. (dot) com -- it's yours for free -- just pay for the shipping and a dime for my envelope. 

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